CMR+ Explored:
Sarah Burnett’s Expert Insights

After extensive interviews and research with AntWorks’ leadership, Sarah Burnett presents a comprehensive guide to demystifying CMR+. This book is your key to unlocking the full potential of CMR+, providing customers and partners with in-depth insights into its core features and a seamless onboarding process. Exploring CMR+ Dive into the world of CMR+ and uncover […]

Unlocking the Power of IDP with CMR+

An Exclusive Interview with Mike Hobday and Sarah Burnett Welcome to an exclusive and in-depth conversation about the future of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) with AntWorks’ revolutionary CMR+. In this enlightening interview, Mike Hobday sits down with Sarah Burnett to explore the transformative capabilities of CMR+ and its impact on industries worldwide. Key Discussion […]

Everest Group and AntWorks launch the third revision of IDP playbook

The refreshed IDP Playbook demonstrates the impact of IDP for boosting business objectives and provides industry trends and best practices that serve as both a guide and tool for your organization. The Playbook is designed to be your roadmap and provides a step-by-step methodology to start/ accelerate IDP journey for your organization. Industries are getting […]

Deciphering Handwriting – A White Paper On How CMR+ Masters Handwritten Text

Handwriting is a major technical challenge for automated document processing. However, as a result of AntWorks’ development of proprietary technology, our Intelligent Document Processing solution, CMR+, offers advanced handwriting extraction. The solution’s capabilities are constantly being refined and upgraded. In this white paper, AntWorks’ Senior Data Scientist, Josmin Jose, lays out the science underpinning our […]

Why Data Will Rule Future Insurance and How To Master Yours

The role of data is central in the global insurance market. Data is not simply the facilitator for better underwriting and pricing, but it’s the DNA of the 21st-century connected organisation. Insurance organisations contend with multitudes of data in various formats; paper, electronic, fax, email and forms. It’s a huge effort to manually extract data […]

Commercial Insurance Webinar

In this webinar we welcomed Mercer’s Global Automation Leader, Kieran Gilmurray who will reveal how he is planning to address accelerated digitisation in the Commercial Insurance Industry.  He joined Mike Hobday, Chief Revenue Officer at AntWorks a pioneer in Cognitive Machine Reading and Intelligent Automation. Key learnings:   Placing unstructured data ingestion at the heart […]

The Race for Data: How Insurers Must Adapt

The commercial insurance industry is facing growing challenges such as cost pressures, premium pressures, risk selection and providing a better customer experience. And all of these challenges have one thing in common – data. A key role for data and operations teams in broker and carrier organizations is knowing which data is critical and needs to […]

Capture more data and get better Insights from your Documentation

Most insurers only capture 20% of the data in their documents. Think how far ahead you could get with technology, like CMR+, that processes so much more? Insurance businesses and AntWorks CMR+ at a Glance OVERVIEW  CMR+ is an advanced Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that couples tried-and-tested Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology with artificial […]