The commercial insurance industry is facing growing challenges such as cost pressures, premium pressures, risk selection and providing a better customer experience. And all of these challenges have one thing in common – data.

A key role for data and operations teams in broker and carrier organizations is knowing which data is critical and needs to be clean, which is an evolving journey.

In commercial insurance, the risks are complex and hence there’s an abundance of rich, unstructured data in key documents such as proposal forms, quotes, binders, slips, policies, endorsements, and loss reports. This data is used in many scenarios by brokers, insurers, and reinsurers.

AntWorks Insurance solutions ‘Insurants’ can digitise, classify, extract, and apply specific rules to all your data for:

  • Policy and binder ingestion
  • Policy comparison
  • Slip extraction
  • Loss report extraction
  • Quote comparison and much more

Discover how the race for data is one commercial insurance organisations can win today.

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