The refreshed IDP Playbook demonstrates the impact of IDP for boosting business objectives and provides industry trends and best practices that serve as both a guide and tool for your organization. The Playbook is designed to be your roadmap and provides a step-by-step methodology to start/ accelerate IDP journey for your organization.

Industries are getting disrupted by newer technologies like ChatGPT, advanced automation and analytics tools. At the helm of stringing all of them together and producing great results is clean data. With more than 80% of an organisation’s data locked in complex unstructured documents, the IDP playbook taps into various frameworks to enable enterprises to gain better and faster control by:

  1. Envisioning where they want to get with automating data capture
  2. Creating a business case for adoption
  3. Identifying the capabilities they need to develop to get there; and
  4. Plotting the path for success in their digital journeys


The Playbook also describes IDP market characteristics, challenges to IDP adoption, best practices in the IDP journey, enterprise case studies, and future outlook.