CMR+ Explored:
Sarah Burnett’s Expert Insights

After extensive interviews and research with AntWorks’ leadership, Sarah Burnett presents a comprehensive guide to demystifying CMR+. This book is your key to unlocking the full potential of CMR+, providing customers and partners with in-depth insights into its core features and a seamless onboarding process. Exploring CMR+ Dive into the world of CMR+ and uncover […]

A Journey in Data

Manufacturing, supply chain and retail runs on documents, but at its heart the sector is all about making, moving and selling things. Processing documentation is a necessity but it’s a means not the end. That’s why AntWorks is lightening the f document processing load for enterprises in the sector so they can focus on their […]

Reshaping Trade Finance Operations with Automation

Global trade financing sits at the heart of the relationship between banks and corporations. Although this is a business characterised by small margins, the volume is huge; by 2026, trade finance flows are predicted to reach US$24 trillion. Given this growth trajectory, banks identify trade finance as a critical pillar of their future business strategy. […]

Banking 2030: The Where and How of Data and AI for Banking

The PwC Banking 2020 Survey reveals that 54% of respondents state enhancing customer data collection is a priority – “Customers (and banks themselves) now generate exponentially more information than ever before.” Data lies at the heart of innovation for banking. Exacerbating this challenge is the poor state of data, preventing banks from realising the full potential […]

Why Data Will Rule Future Insurance and How To Master Yours

The role of data is central in the global insurance market. Data is not simply the facilitator for better underwriting and pricing, but it’s the DNA of the 21st-century connected organisation. Insurance organisations contend with multitudes of data in various formats; paper, electronic, fax, email and forms. It’s a huge effort to manually extract data […]

The Race for Data: How Insurers Must Adapt

The commercial insurance industry is facing growing challenges such as cost pressures, premium pressures, risk selection and providing a better customer experience. And all of these challenges have one thing in common – data. A key role for data and operations teams in broker and carrier organizations is knowing which data is critical and needs to […]