Going to ITC Vegas? Meet the AntWorks team at the world’s largest insurtech event.

Find out how CMR+, the latest in Intelligent Document Processing, offers a cost-effective solution for enterprises handling documents and data at scale. Fast, powerful and used by some of the world’s biggest insurers, just fill in the form below to meet with us and find out for yourself how Intelligent Document Processing will transform your

Tickets for the event can be found here https://vegas.insuretechconnect.com/register/

Insurance experts in IDP

AntWorks isn’t just a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing. We also have a wealth of specialist knowledge about IDP for insurance. Not only have we produced solutions for some of the world’s biggest insurers but our colleagues include industry insiders who’ve run huge document management departments.

Our cutting-edge IDP solution CMR+ is AI, ML and NLP driven and emulates the way humans process the information in unstructured documents but at scale and speed giving you a fast, accurate and cost-effective tool to get at more of your data.

Watch it make quick work of insurance slips here.

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