Singapore/Chennai/London/Boston, December 5th, 2022

AntWorks, a global leader in Intelligent Document Processing, today announced that it has been positioned as a leader in ISG’s Provider Lens for in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)for it’s portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength.

AntWorks helps enterprises unlock the potential of data to generate actionable insights and provides agility, ease of deployment and the power of its tools, which can extract data from unstructured documents and handle handwriting, tables, signatures, stamps and more with ease and high accuracy. 

“AntWorks has achieved a notable feat in the intelligent document processing space,” said Ashwin Gaidhani, lead author of the report, and ISG research partner. “The CMR+ system efficiently extracts data using deep learning, NLP, and machine vision to classify, analyse, and validate data, enabling enterprises to gather reliable data despite document structure and format heterogeneity.”  

Welcoming the latest report AntWorks CEO, Mike Hobday, said the recognition from ISG was a reflection of CMR+’s enduring status as a leader in the field. 

“The development of the platform has taken major steps forward in the last year. We’re now working with partners who are driving further innovation while CMR+’s latest releases open the way for IDP as a PaaS and a SaaS option. We expect CMR+ adoption to grow significantly in the coming years. 

Download a complimentary copy of the report here.