Pega Antworks

AntWorks’ Advanced IDP offers Unrivalled Accuracy, Scalability and the Ability to Process Documents in Any Format

Singapore 28 February 2022

AntWorks’ technology, including its groundbreaking IDP solution CMR+, is now available on the Pega Marketplace. The Pega Marketplace allows Pega clients to explore a carefully selected range of partner solutions. More than 200 components, solutions, and packaged services allow clients to enhance their existing Pega solutions. Solutions encompass best practices, delivery services, and technology assets. Customers also enjoy a wide choice of developer- or Pega-developed tools.

AntWorks’ CMR+ brings the latest AI tools to Intelligent Document Processing, including Machine Learning and Deep Learning. The result: a solution that can read, understand, and organize data from any semi- and un-structured document – reports, emails, forms, handwritten text, and images. CMR+ is compatible and works seamlessly with all Pega solutions and most of the latest versions.

AntWorks’ clients include banks and financial institutions, insurers, business process outsourcing companies, and healthcare organizations. Because the solution is explicitly designed to scale, it particularly benefits customers who need to process hundreds of thousands, even tens of millions, of documents.

Whereas many AI-driven solutions are time-consuming and expensive to train, CMR+ needs just a few hundred documents rather than millions and consequently the costs of training, in terms of time and hardware, are low. The fact that it can readily be trained through an easy-to-master UI means that CMR+ quickly adapts to the needs of each individual customer. Allied with AntWorks RPA, users have an agile, powerful and customizable end-to-end IDP solution that gets ever-more accurate and needs less and less supervision.

“Pega and AntWorks are a great match,” says AntWorks CEO, Mike Hobday. “Pega offers a powerful platform that its users like and trust, AntWorks brings practical, easy-to-use-and-deploy solutions to automate the processing of millions of documents in multiple formats, and we really deliver outstanding value to those dealing with hard-to-capture, unstructured documents containing handwriting, images, tables, signatures and so forth. We look forward to helping Pega customers with those challenges.”

“AntWorks and CMR+ are great additions to Pega Marketplace,” says Rupen Shah, VP, ISV Alliances and Strategy, Pega. “A key feature of Pega Marketplace is that customers know that the tools and solutions offered are carefully chosen so you can explore the options with confidence. AntWorks and CMR+ offer a great solution to any organization needing to capture all the data from a diverse range of sources.”

For more information about AntWorks CMR+ please visit the Pega Marketplace.