According to a recent survey by SSON, 58% of insurers state touchless claims is the most promising use case for advanced automation. And claims processing is identified as the primary use case for Intelligent Automation.

Yet, current claims processing requires gathering vast amounts of information from multiple sources, creating large quantities of data. Plus current claims systems lack functionality and flexibility, resulting in excessive levels of manual processing. This manual processing slows response time and negatively affects the customer experience.

Insurers are using data digitisation to classify, extract and digitise data from not only structured documents but unstructured documents which include images, handwritten and cursive and signatures to streamline the process automation needed for automating claims.

Included in this special report by SSON, Reinventing Insurance Claims Processing with Data Digitisation:

  • The Issue at Hand: Unstructured Data
  • How Intelligence (Analytics) Streamlines the Claims Process
  • Connecting Systems, Data and People: How Intelligent Automation handles the claim lifecycle
  • Future Proofing the Claims Process Requires Data Digitisation