Setting a New Standard for Document Processing in Commercial Insurance

Ben Platts discusses our track record & expertise in the insurance sector.

We are excited to be selected for the UK InsurTech Global Business Innovation Programme, the UK’s national innovation agency. A testament to the great work and collaboration with our clients. We look forward to strengthening connections, deepening our understanding of local markets while exploring new opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Insurants Solving Challenges in Commercial Insurance

Rick K.

Digital Technology
Leader at Mercer

Using CMR+ creates value-added work for skilled workers. A lot of the manual back and forth, such as emailing Excel files and PDFs, is now gone… leaving more time for employees to tackle jobs that demand more skill.

Insurants Thrives on Volume and Complexity of Data

Our Client Outcomes

Mercer Improves Processing
Speed By 70 Percent

Insurance renewals and quotations were consuming the valuable time of skilled staff and yet were error prone. AntWorks helped boost customer retention and business growth with an accuracy rate of over 76% and processing time down 70%.

Mike Smart

Sr Digital Transformation Analyst

“AntWorks CMR’s high accuracy across the tested document types, even with small training sets, and its outstanding ease-of-use allows buyers to democratise the use of document cognition across the organisation easily.”

Insurance Sector Resources

Drowning in documents: how to make working in insurance more rewarding

Across the commercial insurance market, lots of time is spent on core processes, such as searching for information across emails and documents, and not enough time on the job at hand.

Insurants’ Ben Platts on the benefits of document ingestion

The pair discussed why the benefits of document ingestion might not have been fully realised yet, despite being on the radar of insurance companies for years, and Platts offered insights into the firm’s work with global broker Marsh.

Scaling up new technology while avoiding the pitfalls

A recent Insurance Post roundtable held in association with Insurants explored the complexity issue. Valerie Hart reports.

Insurants eBook

Embark on a transformative journey into the future of commercial insurance with Sarah Burnett’s latest masterpiece.

Insurants selected for the Innovate UK InsurTech Global Business Innovation Programme.

We are excited to be selected for the UK InsurTech Global Business Innovation Programme, the UK’s national innovation agency.

Amplifying Commercial Insurance Productivity Tenfold via Generative AI and IDP

Insurance companies need to keep pace and adopt emerging technologies to innovate, staying behind the curve is not an option.

Why Commercial Insurance Companies are Drowning in Documents

Paperwork – it is a term that sends shivers down the spine of many professionals, particularly those working in the commercial insurance sector.

Taming the Paper Juggernaut

Through our collaboration with Marsh, we’ve learned valuable lessons in managing and automating specific workflows relating to commercial insurance. A key takeaway was that a generic IDP platform just won’t cut it.

The Race for Data

Command of data will be crucial to determining who wins out in a competitive insurance market. Insurants lets your best people work smarter while processing your data faster and more accurately.

Reshaping the Commercial Insurance Industry

AI’s rapid advancements in managing unstructured content are reshaping commercial insurance. Despite unchanged business needs, their handling is on the brink of a transformative shift.

Why Data wil rule Future Insurance and how to master yours

Successful digital transformation

Looking to transform your business with Intelligent Document Processing? Read this first. Hot tips to make automation work for you.

Commercial Insurance Webinar

Join Intelligent Automation expert, Kieran Gilmurray, and AntWorks CEO Mike Hobday as they dissect how digitisation is transforming insurance.

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